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Our Fundamentals


The key to a successful partnership between our companies is to start by discovering. Discover who you are, what you stand for, what you offer, and what your business goals are.

Be Active.

We don’t set it and forget about it. Our team is actively involved with you from the very beginning, going from concept to execution. But it doesn’t stop there…we remain active with campaign management, creative updates, and performance reviews with you.

Never Settle.

We celebrate the wins with you, but won’t stop there. We constantly evaluate how to continue to build off successes to set new objectives and continue to grow your business.


Where Our Expertise Shine

Marketing Strategy

With experts on our team from all walks of life within the industry, we bring experience and innovative ways to consult on how to best maximize your marketing budget and build strategic plans for your business.

Branding & Design

Building a brand can be challenging in a crowded marketplace. We help guide you through this space with services such as logo design, brand guidelines, copywriting, PR Services, and more. Our creative designers are also able to provide graphic design services, video production, audio production, and more.

Digital Marketing

Digital Marketing is more than just clicks. With an omnichannel approach and being platform agnostic, we focus on reaching your target audience. We do this through strategies such as Paid Search/PPC, Display Ads, Social Media Ads, CTV/OTT ads, Targeted Emails, and more.

Media Buying

With traditional media still having an impact on brand awareness, we plan and negotiate on your behalf for your media buys such as broadcast TV, Radio, Billboards, Digital Billboards, and Transit.

Web Development & SEO

A website is often the face of your company now, and is essential for any modern business. We will build a website that meets the needs of your business, whether you are needing to generate leads, book appointments, set up an e-commerce store, etc. Along with this, we ensure your site is mobile-optimized and provide SEO services to increase your organic rankings.


The way consumers shop for goods has transformed over the past 20 years, providing businesses of all sizes the ability to sell their products to consumers regardless of where they reside. Our team of experts are able to build and manage popular e-commerce platforms such as Shopify, Magento, and WooCommerce. We also implement your shop into strategies such as Amazon, Google Shopping, and Social Media shops.

Industries We’ve Served

Media Companies


Home Services


Higher Education

Business to Business


Consumer Goods

Hospitality & Events

About MMI

We Cut the Crap and move your business forward

Team Work

It takes a team to reach a goal, that’s why we become an extension of your internal teams, collaborating and meeting regularly on goals, strategy, creative, and performance reviews.


Trust pays off. That’s why we pride ourselves on being transparent partners, so there’s no guessing games when it comes to your marketing efforts and ROI.


Being headquartered in Boston, MA we enjoy our lobster rolls, but we are lucky to have teammates from across the US who bring the “yall” or enjoy their powder days in the Rockies.